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We help citizens take action in their community to transition to a more sustainable world
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September Newsletter for the All for Climate DAO!

Hello, fellow earth activists and engaged community lovers.👋

GR15 Gitcoin Grants for A4C

All For Climate's June 2022 Update

Welcome Regens, activists and caring citizens who are coming together to address the multitude of issues we face as a collective on this one planet we all call home! All for Climate DAO is here to celebrate your wins and support your journey to healing our planet. Below are some of the many initiatives, connections and future projects the DAO has in motion for the month of June 2022. 
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Return Protocol

Each and everyone has at least thought or wants to impact the world positively, though there are many things that frustrate us, we ultimately wish we can. We have concerns about the environment, climate, and the heat waves happening all over the world and you imagine if the blockchain transactions, tokens and coins you buy causes these. Well, we at Return protocol handle just that. Imagine impacting positively on your environment anytime you do a blockchain transaction?? And still earn money!! That is what Return does for you. Return Protocol is an environmentally offsetting process for on-chain wallets. It enables the mass adoption of climate finance in web3 to make blockchain transactions environmentally sustainable. For every transaction you do on blockchain Return protocol will offset (deducting some a percentage fee and giving to environmentally beneficial assets) which accelerates the process of a “greener cryptocurrency”.
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Shamba Oracle, using geospatial data to help build real-world, impactful climate solutions

The Shamba Oracle is about making impacts sustainable, accessible and easy to use. All data that is available is usually highly complicated and not readily accessible for developers and other projects all over the world. Hence why, the Shamba Oracle was born.
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Natives In Tech Explore Web3 to Empower Their Communities

Leveraging emerging technology tools to support marginalized communities is one core tenant of web3 that is often overlooked by most media outlets. Placing technology tools that promote community, sovereignty and fiscal sustainability into the hands of indigenous communities is one aspect of the web3 ecosystem that we openly support and celebrate here at All for Climate DAO. We are thrilled to place a spotlight on the Natives in Tech (NiT) Gitcoin GR14 proposal and explore the depths of the NiT organization with our readers.
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We're Blooming

For over a decade, Bloom Network has been working towards global systems change. With 16 local organizations, located in 8 countries and over 50 different projects incubated through the network. A social network for in real life climate action movement has been created. With hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of volunteer labor contributed so far. The projects collaborating together exemplify an intersection of climate, economy and social justice. Out of the 30,0000 people carrying out regenerative actions on the ground, most are focused on regional food security and local food movement.

Ayowecca Uganda - Gitcoin Grant Climate Case Study

Ayowecca is a community-based organization established in 2018, in the Tororo District of Uganda. The NGO uses agroforestry and permaculture as a solution to the related problems of urgent climate change and food insecurity. This Gitcoin Grant funded project is one of a number of creative strategies employed to increase food production, mitigate climate change, and boost resilience among vulnerable communities.

What happened in 2021, what's coming up in 2022, and pick up a role in the All for Climate DAO

Happy 2022 dear climate collectives, DAOs & regens!! 🥳