All For Climate's June 2022 Update
Artwork from Climate Change Countdown by Bear (Marco)
Artwork from Climate Change Countdown by Bear (Marco)

Welcome Regens, activists and caring citizens who are coming together to address the multitude of issues we face as a collective on this one planet we all call home! All for Climate DAO is here to celebrate your wins and support your journey to healing our planet. Below are some of the many initiatives, connections and future projects the DAO has in motion for the month of June 2022. 

The Month’s Highlight’s at a Glance! 

Fiscal Outlook & Opportunities as of June 2022

All for Climate’s Gitcoin GR14 Grant is LIVE! 

Our grant is live in the Gitcoin GR14 round and you can hop over to donate and support our DAO at this link.

Our goal is to support all (grassroots) projects/movements working on climate and social justice and help them raise funds (crypto or fiat), get more visibility, find more contributors and connect globally. We’ve spent much of our time promoting the grants from collectives and collaborators in our community, so any support or amplification of the A4C GR14 Grant would be greatly appreciated! 

@Antonis created a collection on GR14 of active community members who have grants in this round, so please click this link and see the scope of what our community is involved in and donate to a few (or all) of them! You can easily donate to all at once using the “Add All To Cart” button at the top of the collection page.  

Please visit this page to learn more about GR14 and our past funding rounds with Gitcoin. 

Our Current Treasury

The total All for Climate budget, as of 6/16/2022 is €14,279.71 and payments were made for the coordination and management of A4C for the month of May on June 13th totaling €726 EURO. 

The total fund managed by the fiscal host of All for Climate for the month of May was 214 721,67 € with 510 transactions made to support our collectives and 3,258 financial contributors.

Please visit this link to view our most up to date fiscal data for the DAO!

Growth of the A4C Community

Growth of the All for Climate DAO is a major priority because we see our community as a space where collaborators and collectives can gather, share resources, brainstorm solutions to complex climate problems or just have a supportive community to lift everyone up as we embark on this journey together. @Leen and @PôpLine helped onboard a multitude of collectives and individuals to our DAO this past month. Here are a few of our newest members!

Onboarding Collectives

Leen onboarded a collective called 'Stop Croisières' for the A4C fiscal host. According to their website, Stop Croisieres’ mission is as follows:

“At the environmental level as at the human level, nothing justifies the maintenance of these absurd, energy-consuming and toxic floating cities. We, collectives and inhabitants of the Marseille region and elsewhere, gathered under STOP CROISIÈRES have decided to put an end to this disastrous industry for our health and ecosystems. Our air, our seas and our health are not up for negotiation.”

The Scientist Rebellion was also on boarded as a collective to A4C this month. The Scientist Rebellion is an organization helping scientists come together to use direct action to help bring awareness to the climate crisis. From their Facebook page:

“as scientists we've told the world about the climate crisis for decades - but almost nothing has changed. We therefore call on all scientists to join us in non-violent direct action, to lead by example and to embody the truth.” You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

In May, several climate collectives were onboarded as well, including Translators for Climate, RefiSpring, XR Guyane, Ocupa - Fim ao Fóssil and Earthist.

Onboarding Individuals 

As part of our welcoming process for new members showing interest in joining the A4C DAO, we conduct weekly onboarding calls. While not a requirement, it is highly recommended to attend one of these calls when you first join our Discord server so you understand all the moving parts of the DAO and where best to focus your talents and skills to support our collective mission. 

PôpLine welcomed eight new members to the community, several of whom jumped into locomotive roles, submitted proposals or accepted bounties as soon as they were onboarded! This latest cohort of A4C DAO members includes people from around the globe, including Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, America, Lisboa, Columbia and Malta! 

Let’s Welcome our newest members!** 

@Ifun Michael

Artwork from Climate Change Countdown by Bear (Marco)
Artwork from Climate Change Countdown by Bear (Marco)

Redefining Our Mission

The community has been gathering for a series of three workshops exploring the DAOs mission and redefining it as we grow and move towards taking collective action to fulfill our vision. The insights and collaborative input from each session can be seen at this Figma board link. We will be sharing this refined mission very soon as a cohesive roadmap for moving forward and evolving as a DAO. 

Artists for Climate

Our Artists for Climate group has created several initiatives and bounties to support them. Templates for meme creation and creating the artwork for a POAP are just two of the projects the group is working on. Be sure to hop in their channel on Discord if you’d like to get involved! 


And a special shout out to @Bear (Marco) who provided the artwork in this month's newsletter! Please check out his project: Climate Change Countdown by Bear (Marco) and his GR14 proposal, Solarpunk Nomads can be seen and supported at this link! 

Writers for Climate

Our Writers for Climate group has been hard at working crafting stories to highlight the many climate initiatives in the GR14 this round. Be sure to hop over to the A4C Mirror and check out the latest articles, like Ayowecca Uganda by Coleen Chase and We’re Blooming by Terexitarius.

Here are a few of the bounties in progress. 

From the Natives in Tech Twitter account.  
From the Natives in Tech Twitter account.  

Stay Tuned for More Updates! 

Our work supporting climate and social justice collectives and organizations wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of our community and donors and we are so grateful to hold this space for people to come together and solve the pressing issues of our modern times. We welcome any and all feedback and encourage those who have not joined the community yet to head over to our Discord server and become an active contributor to All for Climate DAO! And be sure to pass our GR14 grant proposal around to your communities and help us continue to support our mission!

 If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.
Joanna R. Macy 

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