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Bloom Networks Landing Page Header (http://bloomnetwork.org/)
Bloom Networks Landing Page Header (http://bloomnetwork.org/)

For over a decade, Bloom Network has been working towards global systems change. With 16 local organizations, located in 8 countries and over 50 different projects incubated through the network. A social network for in real life climate action movement has been created. With hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of volunteer labor contributed so far. The projects collaborating together exemplify an intersection of climate, economy and social justice. Out of the 30,0000 people carrying out regenerative actions on the ground, most are focused on regional food security and local food movement.

Map Of Bloom Network Local Orgs
Map Of Bloom Network Local Orgs

In Rio de Janeiro, Muda Outras Economias are doing socio cultural environmental regeneration

  • Fully functioning regional tokenomics
  • Community Supported Arts and Agriculture (CSAA).
  • Beach cleanups
  • Organic food production
  • Connecting people in favelas to this network
  • Supporting black owned businesses
  • Restorative justice.

In Costa Rica the Diamante Bridge Collective

  • Involvement of Giveth
  • Regional economy focused on land and watershed care
  • Very Holistic
  • Bamboo Construction
  • Hemp
  • Healing Retreats
  • Grey Water Filtration
  • Education
  • Care for Water

In Long Beach, California- Long Beach Fresh

  • 10,000 person local food movement
  • Cultural Regeneration
  • Empowering Diversity
  • Local food movement

In Kampala, Uganda-  Broadfield Enterprises Uganda – Permaculture Group

  • Commercially viable permaculture agroforestry (3 export crops intercropped with 500 indigenous species)
  • Women lead coops
  • Regenerating soil
  • Nature Based Disaster Risk Reduction (flooding)
  • Microclimate regeneration

However, “Our project very likely would have died if we hadn't had a very successful Gitcoin grant round 12” said Magenta Ceiba.

The system level change that Bloom Network is creating, was not able to find sufficient financial resources outside of web3 to enable this organization to survive. Potential funding sources were confused when they started talking about international organizational structures functioning in a level field where anything was possible. However, in web3 DAOs are common and people regularly work with an international community to push ideas forward. Thanks to Gitcoin and Giveth, Bloom Network is growing and in a few months time will be in full blossom after over a decade of work.

Come July 2nd they will have their first legal entity for supporting the DAO structure, a Colorado Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) (thanks to an all female legal team). Membership fees collected go 80% to local Bloom Network Orgs and 20% to Bloom International. Once the LCA is established Bloom Network will be able to issue the $FLO or Flower token.

$FLO token basic design

  • Tokens distributed when Regenerative Actions Logged
  • COOP Patronage Reward Tokens
  • Governance Power
  • Further Decentralizing the Organization
  • Connecting the International Regenerative Network Together

These tokens will allow all of the people that have been and will be part of Bloom Network to inter cooperate across many different countries, which would be very clunky if using a fiat finance system and would have intermediary fees (not to mention 31% of adults are unbanked). The tokens embrace the values of Bloom Network and are able to connect people together through that. Tokens can be put up as bounty rewards to encourage a decentralized community to work together on internationally relevant projects and support each other. These tokens will be one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get funding channeled to grassroots projects on the ground. Bloom Network also realizes they are part of a larger ReFi movement and have already started conversations with Orgo and other ReFi organizations to see how they can allow their members to benefit from the shared infrastructure for regeneration this movement is building.

On the other side of the tech stack, with over a decade working on Bloom Network, a lot of knowledge has been accumulated and needs to be channeled for increased scalability and replicability. Bloom Network has been working on a multi user blogging platform that is completely focused on regenerative actions. This platform will feature templates people anywhere can use to start a community garden or a crop swap, or know what to do year one on the land with forest repair or how to do regenerative agriculture in different areas. These templates will allow people to harness what it has taken Bloom Network members years to learn and run with it. Allowing people to carry our regenerative climate action a lot faster. Along with that, it will help more people find and participate in regenerative action projects and grassroots projects. This platform is somewhere between three weeks to a couple months out depending on funding resources.

The Bloom Network is GROWING and it is all possible thanks to people connecting with one another and the local community around them. If you’d like to be part of the movement contact us (community(at)bloomnetwork.org), find a Bloom near you, learn from templates available, and any contribution helps (at the time of writing a donation could get anywhere from $16-$88 in matching funding).

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