September Newsletter for the All for Climate DAO!
Photo by @Bear(Marco) of the Regens Unite event!
Photo by @Bear(Marco) of the Regens Unite event!

Hello, fellow earth activists and engaged community lovers.👋

The month of September has been one for the books. The All for Climate team has been working immensely hard to help build a regenerative future. Earlier last month, the A4C team hopped on a call where we discussed the current state of the world to things like the future of the DAO.

We first want to take time to appreciate all of the collectives and people who join All for Climate and wish to make a change, as it's because of you that we do what we do! 💚

The Month’s Highlights at a Glance! 👀

  • We onboarded 2 new major Collectives and 4 new DAO members!

  • POCA (Proof of Climate Action) is online and has been minted by 14 Projects!

  • A4C Attended a Regens Unite event!

  • Our treasury reports can be viewed here!

  • Solarpunk working group have found someone to build their website!

  • Started the selection process for the community gardener role!

  • Decided on a reboot for All for Climate to become more effective!

Photo by @Bear(Marco) of a few A4C locomotives, deep in thought at the Regens Unite event!
Photo by @Bear(Marco) of a few A4C locomotives, deep in thought at the Regens Unite event!

The reboot of the A4C 🌱

Reboot coming soon, near you!

Earlier last week the locomotives (core contributors) of All for Climate hopped on a call to talk about the direction of where All for Climate was headed and help realign ourselves to our North star. This conversation gave clarity to what was important and how as a DAO we can seize opportunities and become more effective.

What does this mean practically?

In essence, it means that we will be restructuring the DAO to focus more on the core parts of what All for Climate does. These core parts revolve around being a fiscal host for collectives that often share the same problem - legalities around finance. All for Climate helps them by providing a legal backend office to aid them with fundraising, finance and accounting. We will be aligning more towards becoming a social company that is decentralised and autonomously organised.

Stay tuned for the NEW and IMPROVED All for Climate by following us on social media and our working group on Discord! :)

Photo by @Bear(Marco) during the Regens Unite!
Photo by @Bear(Marco) during the Regens Unite!

Onboarding Collectives 🌱

Please take a moment to explore the websites of the collectives onboarded by @Leen into the fiscal host side of All for Climate.

  • ISSABC - International Student Symposium on Animal Behaviour and Cognition

Are you a student who happens to love animals and is curious about why they act the way they do? If yes, then this may be up your alley!

ISSABC is an International conference that biannually focuses on animal behaviour. These conferences aim to provide opportunities for students and early career researchers to present to other like-minded individuals and people who are on a similar level as them due to more conventional conferences being focused on more established researchers.

If you feel this is something that you would like to be a part of and join, then check out their website and register for their next conference! 

Heroic stories all start somewhere. This local collective in Sevilla, Spain, believes that trees are precious not only to the environment but also to the people around them. This collective all started last August when the city cut down one of the local ficus trees. These trees have been around for years and keep many insects and small animals thriving.

The cutting down of this beautiful tree started a peaceful uproar among earth activists which is how the collective was born.

How do they stop the killing of these trees?

Well, not all heroes wear capes, these earth activists come together by creating peaceful assemblies underneath these trees where people talk, laugh and climb.

If you like what these heroes are doing and want to help, follow them here!

The Plataforma En Defensa Defl Ficus De San Jacinto Collective
The Plataforma En Defensa Defl Ficus De San Jacinto Collective

Let’s Welcome our newest members to the All for Climate DAO! 👋

  • Zyb > Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Ehize > Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • Juiedo > Milan 🇮🇹

  • Jamie > South Africa 🇿🇦

All for Climate AFRICA! 🌍

All for Climate Africa is almost live! 

Over the past few months, many African projects have struggled with the same problem: receiving money from Europe.

Our very own finance locomotive @emma-xrug will create a legal entity in Uganda to help those projects receive money from Europe and ultimately help make more significant positive impacts in much-needed African countries.

We are excited to see the massive impacts that can be made with this initiative and look forward to seeing that exponential growth in the upcoming months

Stay tuned and get ready, Africa!

Photo by @Bear(Marco) of the Regens Unite event!
Photo by @Bear(Marco) of the Regens Unite event!

All For Climate working groups Update: 🌱 

Artists for Climate 🎨

Here’s a quick overview of their progress:

  • Focused on the promotion of the A4C-affiliated GR15 grants.

  • Participated in the Regens Unite Berlin.

  • Focused on their own Artists for Climate grant.

What’s on their horizon?

  • Restart regular Twitter spaces promoting artists.

  • Onboard more artists.

  • Move forward with memepalooza.

The fast-growing artists for climate are actively looking for more artists to help out and contribute. Go follow their working group on discord to get involved!

Photo taken by @bear(marco) at Regens Unite of Leen, our A4C locomotive doing what she does best, inspiring!
Photo taken by @bear(marco) at Regens Unite of Leen, our A4C locomotive doing what she does best, inspiring!

Solarpunks Collective 🌞

Here’s a quick overview of their progress:

  • Found an official designer to help build the Solarpunks website.

  • Create a visual interview series to showcase their Solarpunk art.

  • Attended relevant Twitter spaces to increase visibility.

  • Held Regular calls to build out a way to explore and create different projects.

  • Onboarded new artists to help showcase Solarpunks vision around the world.

What’s on their horizon?

  • Plan an internal workshop with active members to explore the vision and values of Solarpunk and find a name that is aligned with this.

  • Choose the right visual platform for their NEW visual interview series.

  • Formulate a plan to maximise the use of the Gitcoin grant funds.

If you are an Artist looking to get involved, then join their working group on Discord to find out more!

Writers for Climate ✍

Our Writers for Climate group have been shifting their focus to become self-funded and are busy formulating a plan to make this a reality! Writers for climate are looking for vibrant spirited individuals who would like to get involved and start contributing through the art of writing.

Follow them on discord to find out how you can get involved! 

Regens Unite 🌳

Regens Unite hosted a 2-day event in Berlin to bring together regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Activism and Art to co-create and share projects. It turned out to be a major success with people from all areas pulling through.

Here are the photos! Check them out and be sure to come through next time! 

Social Media Updates 🚀 

All our social media Analytics for September can be viewed here! 

Stay Tuned for More Updates! 🙌

Our work supporting climate and social justice collectives and organizations wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of our community and donors and we are so grateful to hold this space for people to come together and solve the pressing issues of our modern times. We welcome any and all feedback and encourage those who have not joined the community yet to head over to our Discord server and become an active contributor to All for Climate DAO!

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."

– Mahatma Gandhi.

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