Join the first crypto run for climate! We will run our first marathon on October 17th in Paris to raise money for (that is becoming a DAO). This is very much an experiment and we would love you to be part of it!

As a backer, you will receive $RUNFORCLIMATE tokens that will give you access to a private channel in the allforclimate Discord Server where you will be able to:

  • Add songs to our running playlist 🎶
  • Follow live with Strava Beacon 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️
  • Join an AMA after the run

If you are in the top backers, you can get the favorite NFT that you own printed on running t-shirt! 👕

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Our journey

We worked hard in the past 2 years to raise awareness around the climate emergency and rebuild community. It has been a marathon in its own right. We got arrested with Extinction Rebellion, we facilitated a meeting with Greta and the leaders of Fridays for Future from across Europe, we started a non profit ( to provide a shared infrastructure for 120+ local groups of active citizens across Europe so that they can collect and disburse money for their activities, we planted a Citizen Garden in front of our garage that got taken away by the commune (but that we then brought back with neighbors), we took over an empty space in our neighborhood to turn it into a common, …

It has been a very rewarding yet quite exhausting experience. Our goal now is to make this sustainable so that we can keep running (no pun intended 🙃).

Since we are runners, we thought: why not doing the marathon of Paris to raise money, home of the famous Paris Agreement? So here we are!

We have been training hard in the past few months to do our very first marathon. Thank you for supporting us!

Why a crypto fundraising?

The climate emergency is not a simple issue. It won’t be solved by banning SUVs in cities or stranding airplanes. We need a “system change, not climate change”. We need to reinvent a new economic model where the GDP is not anymore our North Star, where our most important resources –our time– is not anymore wasted working for privately owned corporations whose interests are not aligned with the interests of our local communities and of our planet.

The Ethereum community is laying down the foundation on top of which such new model is possible. A new model where positive contributions to the community can be valued. We are convinced that DAOs will displace existing corporations and change the paradigm. They are the “system change, not climate change” that we have been waiting for.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the crypto community and the climate activists community. There has been a lot of push back due for a big part from a lack of understanding of the technology. It’s time to show that we can use crypto to do good.

What will the money be used for?

It will be used to continue to support the 120+ collectives hosted by They need a common infrastructure to be able to receive donations and disburse money for their activities. We will also use it to turn allforclimate into a DAO and start offering a shared crypto infrastructure to make it easier for local groups to use crypto to sustain their activities.


A shared nonprofit for citizens working on climate and social justice.

All For Climate is a shared back office for active citizens and collectives working on climate and social justice. We provide a legal entity and accounting so they can focus on their activities and organise to make their ideas happen.

All For Climate offers four services to all collectives joining:

  • fiscal hosting while keeping full autonomy
  • A legal entity to close the gap between institutions and active citizens.
  • Training and advice on how to raise, manage and spend donations and how to sustain their work (e.g. facilitation training).
  • A learning network to share expertise and build connections. 

All For Climate started in November 2019 and since then no less than 120 collectives all over Europe have joined us. We provide a service that citizens need to get started: removing the stress of administration and managing money and providing a network of like minded people.

“Active citizens should be doing activism, not administration and paperwork.”

But a growing organization has an operational cost, a cost we do not wish to recover from our active citizens. They already pay with their time. That is why we turn to you.

We estimate All For Climate’s current operational cost at about €25,000 a year. With this money we can cover operational costs (website, general administration) and pay two half time freelancers to run All For Climate: a community/social media manager and a general manager/accountant. Any additional money will go into a participatory budget, in our regular general assemblies we decide on where the money is best spent. 

By supporting All For Climate you support hundreds of active citizens all over Europe, citizens. All For Climate supports collectives in organizing more professionally, with a bigger impact. With your help, we can put more effort into that.

Please visit our website or reach out via We look forward to hearing from you and answering questions that you might have.