The Week: a new playbook for massive climate mobilization

Join us in using Ethereum to fund and create The Week, a disruptive new approach to mobilize millions of people to address the climate emergency.

The Week is the new project from Frederic Laloux and Helene Gerin. Frederic is the author of the bestselling Reinventing Organizations, a book that helped spark a movement of decentralized organizations and inspires countless DAOs; Helene , is an author and grief specialist.

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Apathy is killing us – we are not waking up to the urgency of the climate crisis. Our current approach of “Give people the facts, and they will wake up an act” is a failed strategy. It did not work to combat smoking or AIDS, and now it is failing us for addressing the climate. And yet, this is the method we try over and over again.

We urgently need a new playbook for massive mobilization. The Week is based on the latest insights from social sciences as well as learnings from past movements that successfully broke through fear and apathy.

We call it The Week. Over the course of a week, we guide groups of people – friends, family, colleagues – to watch, and then discuss, 3 movie episodes to process - rather than avoid - the intense emotions that arise when we confront this topic head on. Fear, anger, grief… when welcomed and processed, they are the keys to lasting mobilization.

The Week is a transformative experience – there is a before and an after. We’ve run prototypes with hundreds of people in North America and in Europe to impressive results: participants have been deeply moved and taken powerful actions. Just as importantly, they have organized successive sessions for friends and colleagues. Our mere prototype has gone viral.

This could be massive. We are now running prototypes with massive employers – Sodexo, Decathlon, Novartis… – companies that are looking for ways to mobilize their hundreds, thousands or millions of employees. Faith movements have reached out to us. Some of the largest climate movements in the world are on board.

The Crypto Crowdfunding Campaign

We have no time to waste fighting the climate emergency. But traditional philanthropists and foundations can be risk averse and slow in their decision making.

Grassroots crypto fundraising is critical in two ways: it allows us to move quickly and maintain the integrity of this new playbook. It also gives us the opportunity to involve a forward-looking community in real time as we develop The Week.

Think about this: when massive numbers of people decide to launch all sorts of climate initiatives after they went through The Week… what better way for them to self-organize and scale than using the power of DAOs?

By supporting this crowdfunding, you will receive $THEWEEK tokens that will give you access to the community on Discord where you will meet fellow crypto enthusiasts that want to work on the climate emergency. This is where we will develop, among other things, the decentralized distribution network to make sure that everyone around the world can experience The Week.


Top contributors will receive exclusive NFTs and film credits based on their ranking in the crowdfund leaderboard.

  • 1st Place: Airdrop of 1/1 "Executive Regenerator" The Week NFT, featuring your name in the film’s credits.
  • 2nd Place: Airdrop of 1/1 "Co-Executive Regenerator" The Week NFT, featuring your name in the film’s credits
  • 3rd Place: Airdrop of 1/1 "Contributing Regenerator" The Week NFT, featuring your name in the film’s credits.

Activator Tier

Backers 4–20

  • Your name included in the “Ever Regenerative Thanks” section in the film's credits, reserved only for leaderboard backers 4-20
  • Airdrop of 1/17 The Week NFT

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Unlocked by purchasing the Mobilizer NFT for 1 ETH. The Week Mobilizer NFT Your name included in the “Special Thanks” section in the film's credits All items from Supporter Tier.

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  • Mention in the acknowledgments on The Week’s website
  • Access to a private Discord chat where we’ll share periodic updates on our project and invite your thoughts and feedback.
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Fundraising Split

  • 92.5% - The Week production budget
  • 2.5% - Carbon Offset through KlimaDAO
  • 2.5% - Grant to support climate initiatives through All For Climate DAO
  • 2.5% - fees

About $THEWEEK token

The token for the movie is meant to give everyone ownership of the community. We are all contributing to The Week in different ways. Some are part of the production team, others are investing (through foundations or with this crypto crowdfunding), or organizing viewing parties, creating art, or promoting The Week in various creative ways in their own community. We want to make sure that everyone’s contribution is rewarded.


  • 33% for the production team
  • 32% for the community (to organize viewing parties, ...)
  • 35% for the donors
    • 15% for existing donors ($1.4M)
    • 20% for donors through this crowdfunding on

We are reserving 15% to airdrop tokens to the existing donors ($1.4M already raised) after the merge (once Ethereum will be fully operating as a Proof of Stake chain). Unclaimed tokens will go back to the community.

Please note: In order to receive your credit in the film or on the website, you must join our Discord server to receive directions about how to link your name to your contribution address.

Your contribution does not provide you with creative control or ownership of the film. $THEWEEK tokens should only be used to access the private Discord chat. We discourage the resale or speculation of this token.

The film team has the right to return funds if we believe the patron’s values are misaligned with the project.

About The Week

What if we could help the millions of people who are concerned about climate change to move from concern to action – to transform their workplace from the inside, to activate the communities they are a part of, to vote and consume differently?

We would have the tidal wave of action we need to shift our energy system, food system, industrial and consumption systems!

Whether we realize it or not, addressing climate change and environmental breakdown is going to be the collective challenge of the next decades. It could be our collective adventure, if we chose to make it so! In 10, in 20 years, everyone will ask themselves – what did I do? Did I join the adventure or stay on the sidelines?

The Week is a massive new playbook to help us all get off the sidelines, join the movement and be able to say – I have no regrets, I did my part, and it was the adventure of my life!

More info in this presentation deck (pdf) and teaser video.

Founder’s statement

I’ve been lucky to see my book Reinventing Organizations find itself at the heart of a worldwide movement for decentralized organizations. It has resonated widely in the corporate world, with climate movements – including with founders of the Sunrise Movement, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion – and of course in the world of DAOs.

With The Week, I’m tackling an even more ambitious project for the most pressing problem of our time – how to avert climate breakdown. The idea for the project emerged two years ago. My wife and I were truly impressed by the courage of a couple of friends who came to visit us – they really wanted to know what would happen to them and their children in the years to come, and were willing to welcome the sadness, anger and grief that came with it. They inspired us to do the same, to find out what’s really going to happen if we don’t take drastic action. And just like them, we experienced the whole lot – shock, sadness, overwhelm. And just like them we came out of it with real clarity and a commitment that this was now going to be the focus of our work going forward!

Just like with Reinventing Organizations, I locked myself in a room for a serious amount of time – the pandemic helped! – to research why current approaches to mobilize people are not working and what could work instead.

In French, there is the expression: it works in practice, but does it work in theory? Well, The Week works both in theory and in practice! We’ve interviewed all the world’s leading climate psychology experts and they are so excited about The Week – it checks off all the boxes of what research has proven to work. And we’ve run the prototype many times with hundreds of people with spectacular results.

Now we need your help to turn our prototypes into a finished product that takes the world by storm! -Frederic Laloux

Projected Timeline

  • Film production
    • Summer 2021-Winter 2021: Casting & Shoot
    • Fall 2021: Begin Edit
    • Summer 2022: Rough Cut
    • Fall-Winter 2022: Release!
  • Branding & website: Spring 2022
  • Partnership and social media activation: Summer-Fall 2022
  • Launch: Fall-Winter 2022

A note from the NFT artist

Tautologos (Ταυτολόγος) is a hunter gatherer of forms and non localities.He oscillates in a non linear way between Paris-Athens-Shanghai. In between loops of solipsistic nature Tautologos explores narrative forms of logical and non logical ideas. These manifest via the tautological and the tautoillogical audiovisual alphabet as images moving and still and concepts thought written or spoken.

The team

Frederic Laloux - FOUNDER

Frederic is the author of Reinventing Organizations, a global word-of-mouth bestseller (800,000+ copies, 20 languages) that has inspired founders of Extinction Rebellion, the Sunrise Movement, and Project Drawdown, as well as countless corporate leaders and faith movements. In a past life, he was an associate principal with McKinsey & Company.

Helene Gerin - FOUNDER

Helene has co-created, along with Frederic, a movement around two books they wrote on the topic of communication with babies. Her most recent book, written in French, examines the power of community to deal with grief. In a past life, Helene was an advertising account manager. She is trained in martial arts, ceramics, business administration, and as a therapist and doula.

Nick Weissman - PRODUCER

Nicholas is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His films include The Minutemen, A Boy Helps a Town Heal, and For Ahkeem, profiling the juvenile justice system in St Louis (Berlinale Film Festival, Tribeca, AFI Docs, Hot Docs, 7 Best Documentary awards, broadcast on PBS).

David Byars - DIRECTOR

David is an award winning director who made his directorial debut with No man’s land (Tribeca 2017, Independent Lens, Amazon Prime). David also lensed and directed Public Trust (2020 Mountainfilm Audience Award, Big Sky Award, Green Fire Award), a film about America's public lands. He recently completed We the Power, a film about energy rebels in Europe.


Mia is a documentary and commercial filmmaker whose work explores the lives of eccentric people in natural spaces. A former pragmatist, Mia studied math in college only to realize that being pragmatic is overrated. Born in China and raised in Michigan, Mia travels globally to tell unique stories, having visited 17 countries and counting and filmed at 50’ below sea level and at 13,000’ above.


Jason, a board member of Black and Brown Founders, has created and redefined brand standards for companies such as Nickelodeon,, Case Logic, Hines, Course from Scratch, Project Northstar, Apps Without Code and more.

Xavier Damman - ADVISOR

Xavier is an entrepreneur and passionate about using technology to empower citizens to organise and rebuild society bottom up. He founded Storify in 2011 and Open Collective in 2015. Since then he has been active in the climate justice space with and in Deep Adaptation with

Primavera De Filippi - ADVISOR

Primavera De Filippi is a Researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research in Paris, and Faculty Associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. She is the founder and coordinator of the Internet Governance Forum’s dynamic coalitions on Blockchain Technology (COALA). Her book, “Blockchain and the Law,” was published in 2018 by Harvard University Press.